Friday, October 26, 2012

Not so bad!

Thank you all so much for the prayers yesterday! They were definitely felt! I had so much peace in my heart all day yesterday. I can't explain it. I went to work and had a great day, came home and had dinner with Sley and his cousins at a local mexican restaurant, then came home and talked to my (soon to be) ex-sister in law.

It's so nice to be able to continue to have a relationship with Ashley and her husband Justin. They were my strongest advocates the whole time Brandon was cheating on me. So many times, Ashley tried to convince me to leave Brandon, telling me I deserved better, and we still joke about it, how she tried to tell me! I didn't want to end my relationship with Brandon because I was scared to be alone and I didn't want to lose such good friends, even though they both tried to reassure me, countless times.

It's also so nice being with a man as understanding as Sley is. It doesnt bother him that Ashley and I talk and when we meet for dinner, he is happy to be in good company. I wish I could put into words how much I love that man. I am at a point in my life where I don't need a man but I sure am glad I have him. He holds my hand and kisses me right when I need it. He is so sweet and I know if I had not been in such a bad relationship with Brandon, I wouldn't appreciate Sley as much as I do now.

If things go as planned, November 5th, Brandon is meeting me and I am driving us to the courthouse where I will file for divorce and he will get served. He is also coming with a notarized form stating he is waving his 30 days. If they accept it, I could possibly be officially divorced...the next day. I asked Brandon if he could pay $100 of the $230 it's going to cost to file and ofcourse he says, "I can't" so I'm stuck with the bill but it's ok, that will be the best $230 I will have ever spent.

God's timing is best and I know God is still on His thrown through all of this. Thank you all again, so so much, for praying for me and giving me such encouraging feedback.

Stay tuned! Things are about to get very exciting, extremely fast!!!

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