Monday, October 8, 2012

A first time for everything

I messaged back this "BKC1122" on cupid dot com and told him that if he wanted to talk to me, he was to call me and proceeded to give him my number. The next day I got a call.

We continued to talk/text for the next couple of weeks, sharing stories of our past, hopes of our future, and decided we could wait no longer, we needed to meet. I knew my family would FLIP if they knew I was going to go meet a stranger man I met online, so I told no one. Smart.

It was a Thursday afternoon and I headed toward a local movie theater. We met in the parking lot. I pulled up toward the back and didn't see the truck he described to me. I think to myself, "Great. He stood me up. Maybe it's for the best." Just as I am about to leave, I see his red truck turn into the parking lot.
----I dated a really sweet guy one summer. Well really, I met him one time, we kissed, and then I never answered his calls again. I was shallow and judged him by his car. It was old. And "granny looking." Huge Mistake but I was immature.

Brandon drove a loud, red, 2003 Dodge Ram with big tires. I loved it. "Ok maybe this isn't so bad." I was so nervous. He had seen my picture from the website but I didn't know what he looked like. What if he was ugly? He sounded so sweet on the phone, could I see past his looks? All I knew was what he had told me on the phone: blue eyes, tall, broad shoulders, shaved blondish hair.

He parked his truck beside my car, with his passenger side facing me. I couldn't catch a peek of him through the windows because they were tinted so dark. I hear the truck engine silence and I open my door. "Here goes nothing..." I thought. Earlier, I had thought about leaving a note in my car if I should not return just in case my date should turn into the rapist/murderer I made him out to be at first.

I see his driver side door open as I get out of my car. His door shuts and he meets me toward the back of his truck. Before we even say "hello" we hug. He had strong, muscular arms that I fit right into and felt so safe. While he was hugging me, me still being nervous, lose my favorite pearl earring. I hear it drop to the asphalt and my heart sinks. I was embarrassed. He tried to help me find it but I told him it wasn't a big deal.

I jumped in his truck and we headed to a different nearby theater to see a movie before dinner since both of us were so nervous and food was the last thing we wanted. I remember there was a movie about 9/11 playing and he asked if I wanted to see that but I told him I didn't feel like crying in front of him the first date so we settled on the Nickelodeon film: Barnyard.

We got our tickets and went straight to sit down. Once seated, Brandon asked if I wanted popcorn and a drink. I said no but he went to get some anyway. He came back and begged me to eat some. As soon as I popped a piece of popcorn in my mouth, he kissed me. It was a sweet, short peck. My cheeks got so hot and I began to shake. I was so nervous! As soon as he pulled away he said, "You have popcorn breath!" We both laughed and enjoyed the rest of the movie.

After the movie, we headed across the street to Chili's. I got some sort of red sauced pasta. Midway through the date, OF COURSE, I get some on my shirt. It never fails. If I wasn't mortified enough losing my earring, I had to drop food on my chest! Brandon immediately says, "I'll tell you like I tell my mom, You feed those things more than you feed yourself!" I thought I would DIE!

Somehow the conversation turns to his family and talking about whether or not they would like me. He says, "They will love you just as much as I do." Wow. Flustered. This was going fast. I didn't even know if I liked him! This was our first date! He certainly didn't look like I thought he would, judging by his voice. He was handsome but I expected more.

We head to the truck so he could take me back to my car. His phone rings and it was one of his sisters (I don't remember which one, they are twins and sound EXACTLY alike). His volume was up and I heard her say, "What about the other girl?" in which he replies, "I'll tell you later."

Why, hello there first RED FLAG!!!! that I chose to ignore...all because I needed a man in my life and Brandon was the only interested at the time. I thought, "He must be the one! Thank you God!" all the while, forgetting I opened this door all by myself.

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