Tuesday, April 2, 2013

On the outs

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've lacked time and motivation...mainly time, well, and motivation. To be honest, I've been sort of in the dumps lately! ugh...

So I was almost finished with my bible study by Beth Moore about David when the bestie recommended us start our own small group and study together. We invited one more outsider, planned a date night good for all of us, ate yummy food and headed to Lifeway to choose a study. We ended up picking Jonah. We were all so excited and couldn't wait to dive into our new study! We chose a day to meet the next week and decided to rotate houses every week. The next week things came up for all of us so today is the day we have our first gathering.

While doing the Beth Moore study I really felt God's presence in my life. I was happy. I knew God was there and saw things a little different...well that really must have pissed Satan off because he came toward me full fledge and if it weren't for my husbands encouragement and a random date night with the strongest gal I know, I would've lost it...I mean padded room, straight jacket, drooling on myself while rocking in the fetal position. Everything came down on me that is going on. It's like Satan was whispering, "look what's happened in your life...your marriage failed, you had a miscarriage, your husband lost his job, work is stressful, you don't have any money to do the things you want to do no matter how hard you work...etc etc." I quit in the middle of my bible study one night and just wrote out a letter to God about my frustrations about everything going on. I teared up talking to Sley one night, "you know how God is like our Daddy? Well how can He see his little girl in so much pain and not doing anything???" and my wise hubby just said, "He's here Andrea...He sees us...It's going to be ok!"

Isn't it funny how Satan knows just what buttons to push to get us down? Lots and lots of tears, screams to God, and heart to hearts later, I am coming around!

The thing is, Sley and I really haven't gone without what we needed...Satan knows me, he knows it doesn't take much for me to worry about the "what ifs" but MY GOD is bigger than all of it!

So I'm back...I have a story to finish telling!!! I hope everyone had a great Easter!!!

Thank God my Savior LIVES!!

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  1. As Claire says, "God so Big!" I love you!