Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Names, Hair, & Vacation

I bet a have a record number of readers from this post soley because of the "baby names" in the title!

The answer to your question..."Right now, I don't know...I'll let ya know in a week or so" ha!

Before I get started on my post coming from Kelly's Korner I wanted to say I am so thankful for you all, my readers. Your messages and comments mean so much to me. I know I am not alone in any part of my journey because I know God is with me and I know some of you struggle with the same things I struggle(d) with. Know that I appreciate each and every comment and prayer you send my way and I don't take any of it for granted!!!

Baby Names 

So when I was younger, I would only come up with girl names because I just KNEW I was going to have a little girl one day...but when I got pregnant I picked a boy name. I love Baker Sley. "Baker" was Sley's mom's maiden name and "Sley" for obvious reasons...At first Sley wasn't thrilled but it grew on him. I still worry about when I get pregnant again and find out it's a boy, can I still use Baker since I had a miscarraige? What do yall think?

I have so many girls names I like that if we ever have a girl, I'm going to have a hard time choosing.

Marilyn (my grandmothers 1st name, me & my mom's middle name)
Catherine (Sley's mom's name and my paternal great grandmother's name)
Elizabeth (my paternal grandmother's name) (unfortunately this name has left a bad taste in my mouth seeing as this is the name of the 16 year old my ex husband cheated on me with...)
Correnna (my materal great great grandfather's middle name)

I like a lot more girl names but I'm a huge fan of family names, especially since I found out my first name came from a character on General Hospital in the 80's...thanks Mom. I am also a fan of names from the Bible, especially for boys...Noah, Jonah & Luke if I have triplets (because that's the only way I will be having 3 lol)

What are some of your faves?


So let me be real for a sec...I get my hair done about twice a year, cut & color does a pretty good job staying fresh for the most part for 6 months and after getting my hair cut, in 6 months it's unmanagable. I know some of you go religiously every 4-6 weeks and thats great! but I feel guilty throwing $100 in my hair more than 2 times a year and I'm not brave enough to color it myself!

Girls Vacations

If I could go anywhere for a "girl's only vacation" I would go on a cruise to the Bahamas! Don't think Paige and I havent already thought of that!! Paige and I try to go atleast once a year on a girl's weekend trip to the mountains or beach so that's fun too but a cruise would be AMAZING! Maybe next year lol

Feel free to join in!!! Happy Monday! :)

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  1. I think a cruise would be awesome!! We still need to plan our trip this year. Beach or mountains?