Thursday, April 25, 2013


Before I get to the meat of my post let me start out by saying:

Sorry for the delay of posts! It's been busy around the "Whitley Household" as my husband refers to our humble abode.

For example: I'll have an attitude about God knows running out of cereal...and I'll bite Sley's head off about it because I shouldve gone to the grocery the night before (yea I know...Wife of the year award RIGHT HERE!) any way, he will just laugh at me and say, "NUH UH We dont be having attitudes in the Whitley Household!"

It's the simple things.

Our calendar has been FULL and anything life altering you've basically seen on Facebook already!

One thing that has changed that I havent really elaborated about recently is my change in occupations! May 13 I start a new job!

I love my coworkers...most of us get together outside of work so to say that I'm going to miss them will truly be an understatement. I have been at the branch where I am now for almost 5 years so I'm a little nervous about moving intermal. Where I am going there are no members coming in...but I will have my own cubicle!

I have been praying about a change for a while. I have looked for new jobs and asked God countless time PLEASEEEEEE!! Where I am now, I am not being challenged the way that I would like to. I take on as many responsibilities as I can, in and outside of work, but it's still not enough. I didn't think I would actually get this job because I have no experience, whatsoever, except working with the program as a teller. Now I will be coming up with new updates for our system and testing them! They showed me some of the stuff I will be doing and OMG its complicated but I am so excited for the challenge. Everyone there is SUPER sweet and I have already made a friend! There are only about 4 or 5 of us on our team and I love that!

So I didn't have a business suit for my interview so Paige and I spent the Sunday before shopping...ugh. Don't get me wrong, I'm a girl. I love to spend money and shop. I LOATHE shopping for myself, especially when I am looking for something specific. Paige enjoyed herself...I enjoyed the Mexican lunch before and icecream afterwards.

The night before the interview I had an awful headache. I had bible study that night but I had 30 minutes to rest at home before I left. Sley was frying fish as I left and it smelt so good because I hadn't eaten anything since lunch 7 hours before. Anyway, the next morning I text Paige:

"I smell like fried fish. ugh."

I oversprayed perfume and still smelt it. I stopped by my grandparents house on the way and they didn't smell it...but then again, they don't smell much these days. I prayed it was just in my nose...oh well, must have not been that bad, I got the job lol

Although I begged and pleaded God, things are finally falling into place. Have you ever had a child beg and beg and beg and you feel like OMG PLEASE STOP! HAVE PATIENCE! I KNOW BEST!...yea I am TOTALLY sure that's what God was screaming to me these past few months.

I've also been BEGGING God for a baby. I pretty much have control of what I do but pray I do God's will. I don't have control of having a baby. I won't lie, it hurts some times, especially when more and more of my friends are posting baby bump pics. I know the timing is not good, with Sley out of a job (and no insurance) and me moving to a new job, but I am hard headed and am a spoiled brat who wants it RIGHT NOW! We "have but havent" been trying and I am learning through all of this, God really does know best. I finally have a peace about it all.

Last  month I was late...I mean like REALLY late, and I just KNEW I was pregnant! I was at work and wanted to take a test right then so I ran to the drug store really quick. I spotted a bathroom but let's face it, I am a married woman and I felt like if I took it at the store then the clerk at the front would think I was pregnant with another man's baby and I was hiding it so I sucked up my pride and snuck to the bathroom at work with test in hand.

Five minutes later, NEGATIVE. So we all know 1 test is NEVER enough so I took one the next morning (no really I should absolutely consider getting stock in pregnancy tests...its ridiculous) and it was negative again. When normally I would be sad, I had peace was over me. I pray everytime I take a test that only if it's God's will...and I, myself, know it's not a good time much less God and with everything falling into place with my job, I have no doubt in my mind if Sley and I are to have a child, it will be in HIS timing.

If we arent meant to have a baby then I have come to have peace with that too! Sley and I have set goals on where we want to be at a certain time and if that involves children then we will be SO HAPPY but if not, we will be SO HAPPY with each other too! We both love my best friend's little girl Claire like our own child and we already spoil her so much and Sley has a little neice on the way so we will have plenty of chances to spend time with these precious little girls!

So yea, it's all good in the hood! I just feel so full and so thankful for God's presence in my life! I am doing a bible study on Jonah. I never thought I would EVER be able to compare myself to Jonah but God has used his story to teach me A LOT about myself and Him. If anyone is looking to join a small group let me know! In a few weeks we (Paige, myself, and one other girl) are going to start a study on "Ruth" I believe. We take turns meeting different places, eat dinner, chit chat, and talk about our studies. I love it because I can really lay out what is on my heart and not get judged. Any one is more than welcome!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week! Tomorrow is FRIDAY! :)

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