Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So as most of you know, there was a wedding this weekend! It was small, intimate, and absolutely PERFECT! Sley and I decided last Sunday about oh say, about 11pm that how cute would it be to get married at our church's Sweetheart Banquet coming up that next Saturday! I don't know how serious I was about this idea because goodness gracious, I had 5 days to plan AND work...but Sley's cousin, Hope, flew with the idea and called the Pastor RIGHT THEN (who was snowed in Kentucky) and he agreed to marry Sley and I! I also called one of my friends, Tracy, that is good at this sort of stuff and she reassured me that this could be done and it was going to be amazing!

Monday, I told my family and Sley told his but decided not to tell anyone else. The banquet at church that Saturday was to raise money for the College and Career class to go to a retreat so we encouraged people to buy tickets and warned them that if they missed out then they couldnt get angry...

Tuesday, my friend Tracy called with a person to make our cake for CHEAP and it was absolutely beautiful!

Wednesday, I came into work late so Sley and I could get our marriage license! That night after church, we met with the pastor to talk about how everything would "flow". We knew we wanted something very short. I didnt want to walk down an aisle and we didnt want a unity candle. Basically my Dad give me away, we say our vows, give rings, and KISS! We didnt have anyone stand up there with us either.

Thursday, Sley and I went shopping for him and got some pretty sweet deals! We got him a whole new outfit and I must say, my man looks pretty HOT all dressed up...shew! I got a new pair of shoes out of the deal, too, so I was happy! :) We stopped by my moms so we could drop off Sleys pants to be hemmed.

Friday, work was awful...I decided I needed deserved a break so I met the BFF and Claire at Chickfila, had dinner, then went to Target and Michaels (Michaels solely for Claire to shop...she had her own basket and everything and I gave her my card to swipe...it was the cutest thing and the cashier played along with it). Sley had gone with my grandpa to watch bullriding (and apparently was coaxed in to riding the mechanical bull himself...).

Saturday was finally here!!! Sley got up early to get a haircut, then I got up and we headed for the church to see the decorations and cake! Even some of the workers didnt know that we were getting married! We left and ran a few more errands before coming back home to get ready...

I loved it. Minimal stress. Minimal money spent. A really good time. Beautiful decorations. Romantic mood. Tracy and my brother even surprised me and Sley and sang a song for us! We got married before dinner so we could all enjoy the meal. The steak was amazing. My family made so many compliments about everything there.

Well, that's how it all happened! Nothing too big but still perfect. We plan on having a pig pickin reception with everyone once it warms up.

It still hasnt sunk in that I am now Mrs. Andrea Whitley. Living with Sley I was scared I wouldnt feel any different but I do. I love him so much more and something about seeing that ring on his finger and knowing he's my soulmate makes my heart so warm and brings a smile to my face. Even church on Sunday was different. I had made the comment that living with Sley and not being married was hindering my worship because I couldn't repent if I went home to him every night. Sunday I worshipped freely, with my husband, and I thanked God. the whole time.

(I haven't forgotten about Part II from the previous post, I just wanted to update yall on how the shotgun wedding went down. and NO, I'm not pregnant, ...yet...) eee!

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