Thursday, February 14, 2013

So What? Thursday Style

Anyone not Catholic and giving something up for Lent? Or maybe you are Catholic and went to church last night and got an ash cross put on your forehead? I've never been to an Ash Wednesday service. That one is going on my bucket list though...I love going to different services. I have decided to give up playing games on my phone and iPad for Lent. I don't drink that much caffeine, I don't blog enough, and let's face it, Facebook isn't an option if I REALLY want to commit myself to going through with this. Whenever I have free time at lunch and when Sley is driving us somewhere, I get on my phone and play either Candy Crush or Hay Day. Sley picks on me because I am constantly playing on my phone. Those games are ADDICTING but they are taking away from building a better relationship with God and my husband so I'm taking a leave of absence from them...

Well, it's Valentine's Day! and Thursday! so here are some "so what's" I will leave you with!

  • So what if I am wearing navy socks with my black on black outfit. I couldn't find a matching black sock in the mountain of laundry piled up on the couch and nothing ticks me off more than searching for something in the morning before I go to work.

  • So what if I didn't buy Sley anything for Valentine's Day (not even a card!) and this is our first official Valentine's Day together and we're married...We are taking each other out to eat with the mobs of other folks tonight because in reality, cards get thrown away, candy makes us fat, and flowers die.

  • So what if that 'said mountain of laundry' has really been on the couch piling up for weeks and Sley just keeps adding to the pile as he washes more clothes. We rarely ever have visitors because we are RARELY ever home!

  • So what if I used a half a can of hairspray and a handful of powder this morning to make my hair look presentable. I didn't get up in time to wash my hair in the sink (I take my showers at night) and I've come to realize I'm not the only one to not wash my hair everyday now, plus, I get more compliments on my hair the day I didnt wash it more than I do when I wash it that day!!


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  1. I have joined you on all the "so whats". I have unwashed hair today, there are two mountains of clothes on our extra bed and matching is way over rated at the crack of dawn! Happy Valentines Day :) Congrats on being Mrs. Whitley!