Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What is up?

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged!

I’m in my 3rd week at my new job and I love it! I thought the traffic would be bad but I leave early enough where it doesn’t bother me too much. I did go back to the branch last week to be the Fat Cat for Member Appreciation Day and that was fun, but it was HOT. I didn’t realize how much I missed the branch and the people until I went back but I still love my job.

I’ve learned so much already and haven’t even really touched what I’ll be doing. There are slow times but I am thankful for a low stress job.

Last Friday was a year since we lost our little one. I really thought it was going to be worse but I’m leaning on Him and not getting discouraged. Our time will come. The ache is still there and I know I’ll get to see my sweet baby again one day but God is faithful and I’m choosing to keep my head up and focus on Him!

Sley and I took a little trip this past weekend to the Zoo! It was so much fun and the weather was absolutely perfect. Sley had never been before and I remember going a long time ago. We went up the day before and found a room (the last room in that city may I add). I just really enjoyed the down time with my husband and getting the chance to be children and ooh and ahh at the animals we saw. I really cherish that time that he willingly gives me to do things together. Nothing makes me happier than that!

I did realize this weekend that had we had children, our trip wouldn’t have been nearly as fun. I don’t mean that to sound selfish at all, just really being honest. We took our time and didn’t have a true “schedule”. I know our time will come with the kids but I’m so thankful God reminded me what I have in front of me.

I think that’s about all for now! The bible study I had mentioned before in an earlier post that I do with my best friend and another girl has more than doubled in size and we are all so excited to grow with these amazing women! We will be starting soon; if anyone wants to jump on the bandwagon, come on!

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