Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facts about me

So a gal I follow on Blogger did this (and since I'm at work and really don't know how to link up to those things) I am still going to do it!


So here goes:

1- I am an introvert at heart but force myself to be extroverted (because let's face it, being extroverted is WAY more fun...)

2- I hate loathe concerts. I don't know why...I mean if I want to drink and party with friends, I can buy a keg and pay for a DJ and have a great time in the comfort of my own home, not worrying about strangers stepping on my blanket (which is VERY annoying) or spilling their beverage on me.

3- I can't handle any scary shows or movies. When I mean scary, I can't even watch Criminal Minds...I love Hawaii 5-0 and sometimes that freaks me out! My brother can't stand watching something scary with me because I freak him out when I scream :)

4- I love coke floats. I mean LOVE. If ever I have a bad day, one of these bad boys cheer me up right away. Last Friday I was having a rough day, I really don't know why, I was just emotional. I begged my brother to go to Sonic and bring me a Coke float and Tater Tots (because you have to have something salty with something sweet, ALWAYS!). It was getting busy at work when he brought it so he gave it to me over the counter and I called someone up to help as my brother stepped down to talk to my coworker. As I was reaching across the counter to get their ticket, it happened in slow motion...my hand hit my glorious Coke float and the icecream went EVERYWHERE...I am not going to lie, I may have shed a tear or 2 and could have blown out a cake full of candles in one single blow with the sigh I made.. BUT my brother went back and bought me another one...so all was right in the world :)

5- I am not a big fan of the summer time. I am white...and I burn...then turn back white...and you can't get snow in the summer.

That's all I can think of right now :)
Yay for a 4 day work week!!!

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  1. I, too, love a good Coke float! My favorite thing to do in the summer is go by the shaved ice place and get them to give me a HUGE cup of ice and then I pour my coke and some vanilla creamer in it. HEAVEN, I tell you!