Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Get me to the church on time...or maybe just a few minutes late

October 24, 2008

--I went to work a half a day that Friday. Worst idea ever. I remember having the worst anxiety because I had no control while I was at work, especially when I got a call from my mom saying that the grooms cake she went to pick up from Edible Art in Raleigh was messed up while taking it to the car but she quickly stated that she had taken it back to be fixed. I got off of work and headed straight to the Wendell Lions Club where I found my future sister in laws, future mother in law, my Mom, aunt and my wedding director & planner decorating for the reception to be held the next afternoon. The DJ had also arrived and was setting up his equipment so we had a little background music to listen to as we tried to get everything ready. Dad and my brother had been sent to pick up the wine and 2 kegs (probably bad idea, again.../could be why the keg was empty when Brandon and I got to the reception after taking pics at the church). After getting all of the center pieces on the tables and tables and chairs situated, I ran off to change clothes and get ready for my best friend/matron of honor to pick me up for us to get manicures before the rehearsal dinner. I remember being in such a daze while getting my nails done. Was this really happening? My family wasnt just throwing a party, I was getting married! It hadnt sunk in. Afterward the mani, I was STARVING so Paige snuck me to Zaxby's for a little "before dinner snack".

Rehearsal went off without a hitch (that I remember...). Actually, all that I do remember was the packet of info that my wedding director gave each member of the wedding party (all 10 bridesmaids/10groomsment/2flower girls/1ring bearer...and a partridge in a pear tree!) and they were given about 5 minutes to read through and remember their role. LOL Yep, that's why Lauren was in charge of Greek Sing in college and would fuss you out at the drop of a hat if things didnt go how they needed to. We then headed to Fargo for dinner and thanks to the afternoon snack/nerves, I ate nothing. I was given a pink fishing rod from my future MIL and Brandon was given a hat to wear while all of his groomsmen came up to him and hooked a lure to the hat. We had yummy cake (from Edible Art in the shape of a tackle box with a bass fin hanging out and lures hung around the outside) and headed home for bed. Brandon stayed with his family at a local hotel while I stayed at home.

October 25, 2008

--That morning I remember sleeping in as late as I could because I could possibly be the most impatient person. ever. and I would rather be "fashionably late" than have to wait for time to pass. My wedding director/sorority sister (who also worked with my mom at the time) showed up around 10am as I was procrastinating taking a shower. After I was coaxed by many, I jumped in, jumped out, and put on comfy clothes. Lauren dried my hair and all I remember is just being in a complete daze. It sure didnt feel like I was about to walk down the aisle in front of hundreds. and God. to profess my love to this man whom I had given my heart to. This man who had become my best friend, my confidant, my rock. I wasnt able to talk to Brandon that morning. Strict orders from the mother in law. The church was maybe 2 minutes from my parents house. I rode with Lauren. I dont remember the car ride much, but I do remember just having an out of body experience as I went down the road (the same road I've gone down countless times to other family members houses). Everything was so gray and desolate. No cars were on the road. I remember it was a quiet ride, neither of us talking and the radio was off. It was a little dreary outside that morning and had been drizzling but I didnt really notice until I got out of the car and stepped right into a cold puddle of water in my flip flops. Everyone that was in the wedding party was there, waiting. I reached my destination, the place where I entered as one thing and exited as another. If I only knew exactly how this one day would change the course of my life, forever.

To Be Continued...

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